Cars are one of the most expensive assets to buy after a property and they need protection from vandalism or theft. Many houses nowadays have detached or integrated garages while some have carports. To help you make the right decision on whether to build a carport or garage for your home, lets consider these advantages and disadvantages first. Carports Advantages:Building a carport will not cost you as much as a garage, and in most towns, you don’t need local authority permissions for construction. Carports are not enclosed spaces and do not require fire-proof walls. Homeowners may even be able to build a carport within a day using a kit that comes with steel structure.As explained on this website,, carports keep the sun away and protect the car from falling tree branches during heavy storms. In addition, there is plenty of ventilation in an open carport that you may otherwise not get in an enclosed garage.Cons:Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages to having a carport is that you won’t be able to store your tools as the port will not be big enough. Due to security reasons, you wouldn’t want to put any of your tools in an open structure anyway as you can’t lock the door and protect your belongings completely from theft. The other downside to a carport is that rodents and other critters can still get access to your carport so your tools will be at risk of damage.GaragesPros:As long as you invest in proper door locks, your garage will be a secure place for your car and your gardening equipment. You also have the option of installing shelves and hooks on the walls as most garages are large enough to house a car as well as tools. Because your garage has walls all around it, your car will be completely safe from adverse weather conditions and animals.If you want to add value to your house, you may opt to install doors on your exisiting carport to turn it into a garage. This is advisable especially if you have a luxury car that you want stored away from prying eyes.Cons:Building a garage will cost you more than a carport and it will take longer to finish. You will most probably require planning permission from your local authority before having it built as an extension to your home. You should also think about installing adequate lights and decide whether you want an automatic door or a manual one.