Waste of Space?Picture the scene- your garage is so cluttered with paint cans, tool boxes, bits of scrap and who-knows-what-else that you can barely open your car door. Not too hard to imagine is it? Remember when the garage was a workspace? Somewhere to fix things, work on a project or even just get some extra storage? If you’re looking to reclaim some space then a carport might be just the thing.“A car is not a horse, and it doesn’t need a barn”So wrote legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. When he coined the term ‘carport’ in 1936 he reasoned that modern cars were more strongly constructed than their forbears and more than able to weather the elements. Today, this is more true than ever.What’s more, a carport may actually be preferable in many situations. Ventilation is, naturally, much better in a carport meaning that any residual fumes that tend to build up in a garage will be much more dispersed.Do-it-YourselfCarports are easily available in a wide variety of price ranges- from a couple of hundred to thousands of pounds running the gamut from simple wicker constructions to elaborate steel and plastic rolling contraptions. The more adventurous can easily build their own, with plenty of guides available on the web.So maybe the time has come to reclaim some space for yourself!