If you have ever wondered how and where to create the perfect man cave where you can get into projects, play games and organize events with your friends, we have a few ideas that you might want to consider. Many people have a few spaces around their houses that they wouldn’t normally think to use for a man cave, but with a little creativity and some out-of-the-box thinking almost every house can have one. The best option is the garage if you have one, although there are a few other options too. To turn your garage into a man cave you should try to set the mood with some good lighting and some speakers placed in unobtrusive places. Then, you need a small fridge, a big screen TV located in a place for all to see and a big table where you and all your friends can sit and play the games of your choice. There are a lot of great games that you can play, but if you stick with the classics you are sure to please. Once you have you man cave built, it is time to show it off. We know that you are building it for your own peace of mind, but it doesn’t hurt to invite some friends over and enjoy your new space in the company of some good friends. Playing games is the best way to keep a group of guys happy and there are few games better for turning up the fun than a classic game of poker. Of course, you will have to learn all the poker rules before hosting a game of your own, but they are pretty easy to learn. Grab some good food and drink, and maybe even some cigars, because once you get a nice game going you are not going to want to get up for a very long time.