One of the issues that you are likely to encounter when travelling is the ability to encounter convenient and safe parking. This can actually be quite challenging and the last thing that you desire is to be left stranded miles from the nearest transportation hub. Let’s take a quick overview of some tips to consider before your next journey.PriceThe cost of parking is always a concern. While this will have much to do with the location in question, it is always a good idea to compare and contrast prices online before making the ultimate decision.SecurityGood parking will also revolve around the security of the area. Is it well lit and is it located away from areas of high crime? Should this parking be located within a structure, do such features as closed-circuit television cameras and guards exist?Mass TransitFinally, you will want to be within an agreeable distance to transit hubs such as trains, buses and trams. When planning your trip, take a look at sites such as Google Earth to get a better idea of the proximity of such locations. Or, you can consult discrete sites such as those which offer parking garages. Consider both, for there may be additional valet services that companies will provide. These will be able to accommodate for longer distances while enabling you to relax while in transit.These three areas should always be examined when deciding upon the type of parking. Thankfully, you will normally be able to find the answers to these issues within minutes via the Internet and with a bit of foresight.