A garage doesn’t have to be just for your car. In fact, there are any number of additional uses that a garage can be put to. If it’s well organised, the garage can actually be a whole extra room in your house and make space for so many more options.

1) The Car

It can be kept for its original function, the car, but instead of having clutter all around, why not tidy it up and keep everything in an ordered fashion. The garage can be solely for use as a place to store everything related to the car and other household tools.

2) The Man Cave

Removing the car entirely and converting the garage into a room for other use is also a popular choice. A man cave is a common change as this allows you some personal space where you can be as messy or as neat as you like. Set up the area into a cosy nook complete with male essentials such as a lounger, pool table and a small bar. Of course, setting this area up makes it a great venue for Friday night poker games with your buddies.

3) The Storage Room

With the car gone, this can be a simple storage room for everything that is cluttering the house. It is easy enough to place shelves on the walls and bring large waterproof boxes into neat stacks. It can also be handy to have the laundry machine down here too, neatly placed in a corner thus freeing up valuable space in the rest of the house.

4) Full Conversion

While the man cave may be a bit rough around the edges, a large garage can also be properly converted into real living space. Doing so can really add to the value of the property, provided that all building regulations are followed.