Not all properties come with a garage and an alternative to this for homeowners that have space available is a carport. This is generally affordable to install and provides a way to park a vehicle under cover. For those interested in this, there are a few carport styles available.Portable CarportThese are generally made of fabric and are fairly simple to put in place. Their portable nature means they can be erected when required to provide cover for a car although they can easily be taken down if extra space is needed in the outdoor areas around a property. In some cases portable carports can comprise simply a roof to cover a vehicle although it is also possible to find them with sides to provide a car with more protection from the elements.Metal CarportThese are stronger structures that are usually fitted permanently in place and comprise a series of posts or a frame with concrete foundations that are used to hold up a roof. The metal used to build them provides a more solid finish that is less likely to be affected by severe weather. Some of the materials commonly used in this style of carport include steel and aluminum.Wood CarportErecting a wood carport can provide a more attractive finish that fits in better with a residential setting. Wood construction is also solid and creates a structure that will provide good protection for a vehicle. Those that have carpentry skills may be able to build their own although there are companies that provide wood carports in kit form that are simply erected on site.Installing a carport provides a parking space for a vehicle that gives it protection from sun, rain, and snow. This can make it a good investment for car owners living in a home with no garage. The styles to choose from provide a few options for anyone to find a carport that will suit their needs.