As most family men know, having a personal space to retreat in is an essential survival tool that cannot be overestimated. A garage that is not being used can easily be transformed into a man cave fairly easily and cheaply. Here are some top tips on creating your man cave.

Building You Entertainment Station

Primarily, a man cave is a place to relax and unwind and having a top notch entertainment system, you can easy build your own sound system from wood to create a real feature in your new space. make sure that the entertainment system is large enough to hold a television as well as a CD player and other equipment that you want to include.

Putting in a Poker Table

Of course, you will want to invite the guys around for game night so that you can show off your new man cave. Building a poker table is not only a good way to have a space to play games on, but it is also a great way to show off your skills. Before arranging a poker night, it is a good idea to spend a little time honing your poker skills, which you can do by playing poker online. Read more about this on the site PokerPages.

Choosing the Perfect Sound System

No room would be complete without a kick ass sound system and the acoustics in your garage are likely to be great. While bigger is always better when it comes to a man cave, the placement of your speakers is just as important as their size.

Going Retro

Whether you prefer the leather look or want to go bright and bold with lava lamps and other features, you will be completely free to choose the style of your man cave. This is the place where you can store any furniture and ornaments that the other half disapproves of and you can really go to work putting your mark on all of the elements so that the room reflects your own sense of style.