Space is a premium commodity within the home and sometimes the thought of using a garage to merely house a vehicle can be a ridiculous thought, especially when garages can be converted into a number of different uses: spare room, work space or a games room. Here are some ideas on how to make your garage into the game room of your dreams. Décor: While you might think that décor is a moot subject when it comes to a game room – you will be staring at the screens or boards, not your surroundings – it is actually quite important. Games rooms should feature dark walls and thick curtains so that there is no dazzle in the room or on the screens. Have a good look at your garage walls and see if there is an easy way to transform them into the backdrop for the games room of your dreams. Depending on what games you intend to fill the space with, you might be able to put in some comfortable chairs, and perhaps even a table on which board games or card games can be played. See what space is available before you decide – in a games room, less is more. Games: Obviously, the most important part of a games room will be the games! Do you prefer large freestanding arcade-style games (keep an eye on auctions for wonderful old-fashioned coin-operated games), or smaller more modern consoles that may need space for the players to move, or that may need a unit or a piece of custom-built furniture? You can install a big screen television and connect it via Wi-Fi so you can play games like Real Deal and similar through the online connection. Features: The addition of something like a small fridge, stocked with water and soft drinks; some snacks; and comfy beanbags or gaming chairs can make the difference between a mediocre, thrown-together space and an attractive and comfortable haven that will have the whole family gathering together. With a little forethought and planning, your games room will be the envy of the neighbourhood!