Four Ways to Use Your Garage

A garage doesn’t have to be just for your car. In fact, there are any number of additional uses that a garage can be put to. If it’s well organised, the garage can actually be a whole extra room in your house and make space for so many more options. 1) The Car It can […]

When to use a garage instead of a carport.

Cars are one of the most expensive assets to buy after a property and they need protection from vandalism or theft. Many houses nowadays have detached or integrated garages while some have carports. To help you make the right decision on whether to build a carport or garage for your home, lets consider these advantages […]

Get Good Parking While Travelling

One of the issues that you are likely to encounter when travelling is the ability to encounter convenient and safe parking. This can actually be quite challenging and the last thing that you desire is to be left stranded miles from the nearest transportation hub. Let’s take a quick overview of some tips to consider […]

Two Cars and a One Car Garage – Carports are the Solution

A carport is a special type of covered of covered structure that is used to protect vehicles from the elements. Carports can either be attached to a wall or freestanding and usually has one or two walls. Main Advantages of Carports One of the main advantages of carports is that they take up much less […]

A Garage for a Car Collector

Car collecting is as much of a lifestyle as it is a hobby. Collectors can restore, display and drive these classic and alluring vehicles. Still, there are some factors which need to be considered if you are planning to enjoy this trade yourself. One important variable is how to design a garage to care for […]

Different Types of Carport

Not all properties come with a garage and an alternative to this for homeowners that have space available is a carport. This is generally affordable to install and provides a way to park a vehicle under cover. For those interested in this, there are a few carport styles available. Portable Carport These are generally made […]